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PSSTWorld Founders



Theresa Campbell (Developer, International School Safety Expert)

Theresa is the catalyst for PSSTWorld. She was previously the Safe Schools department manager for the Surrey School District, the 4th largest school district in Canada. A recognized national and international expert of School Safety, her leading-edge knowledge was the catalyst to PSSTWorlds first mover position as a web-based resource tool.

In concert with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Theresa has developed comprehensive, multi-disciplinary tools and programs that address substance use, violence, gangs, bullying and other issues. In Surrey, she was responsible for the implementation and management of the Safe School Liaison, Substance Use Liaison, and Youth Diversity Liaison positions - unique, evidenced-based, highly successful and comprehensive prevention and intervention partnership programs. She was the creator and Executive Producer of the award-winning “Gateway” and “Closing the Gateway” documentary series. The series is now used as a resource tool in school districts and police operations across North America.

Theresa is a representative on municipal, provincial and federal committees and has been recognized for her work by all three levels of Canadian government. She has also been responsible for the development of nationally recognized and implemented policy and protocol in relation to school safety. Theresa is a certified trainer of both Incident Command and Critical Incident Response.

In 2003, she was acknowledged for her participation on the Safe Schools Task Force and in 2005 received the OIC Excellence Award from the Surrey RCMP. In 2007 she was recognized by the National Crime Prevention Center (NCPC) for her innovation and creativity in crime prevention. Most recently, in August 2008, Theresa was awarded in the United States with the prestigious Frederic Milton Thrasher Award for Superior Service in Gang Prevention, along with the 2008 Solicitor General Crime Prevention and Community Safety Award of Excellence in recognition of her contribution and commitment to crime prevention and community safety.

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Tom Spragge (Business Development)

...Tom leads the business side of PSSTWorld and has extensive experience in both marketing and sales. Before PSSTWorld, Tom was the Senior Vice President of a new media company and co-founding principal of a multinational healthcare manufacturer.
‘I get involved with projects that make sense. The PSSTWorld anonymous reporting tool belongs in every modern school and school district.’ 

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Dr. Terry Zachary (Operations & Program Development)

Terry is a noted health care professional, entrepreneur, and author. He leads the operations side of PSSTWorld. Dr. Zachary has been involved in the healthcare system since 1989 and is also a former touring golf professional. He is passionate about creating best model environments for youths to learn, thrive and excel, believing that fear mongering & bullying – of any kind - are key obstacles to health and performance.
‘The PSSTWorld safe school solution creates open communication and early intervention, which in turn promotes thriving school cultures. These are the cultures that I feel will produce our best future leaders.’

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