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Privacy Policy


PSSTWorld’s Commitment To Protecting Your Personally Identifiable Information

PSSTWorld - Promoting Safer Schools Together – is a division of Safer Schools Together. PSSTWorld is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) of our employees, volunteers, workforce members, and clients, including their students. In certain circumstances, we are also required to do this under State and Federal law. This Notice of Privacy Practices, together with SST’s Privacy Policy, is intended to provide full transparency regarding the steps we take to protect the confidentiality of PII.

This Notice explains our practices concerning your PII. The terms “PII,” “Personally Identifiable Information”, “Personal Information” and “Information,” as used in this notice, all refer to information that we may come into contact with that could possibly be used to identify you and potentially includes information that would permit access to any online account you may have, including social media. It covers a greater range of information than “personal identification”, and includes information that may be connected to your identity, such as what you checked out at the library, and web sites you visited that pick up cookies.

What is PSSTWorld

PSSTWorld is an online safety tip reporting tool that allows students, as well as staff and parents, to report anything that worries them, or any safety concerns, directly to school safety teams. Reports can be made in a secure, anonymous and confidential manner via a secure online safety tip line. Reporters have the option of making a report anonymous, and need only identify themselves if they choose to do so.

How PSSTWorld Works

Students (or teachers or parents) can report a situation or a person that is bothering them at school from any device with computer access. They make the report by going to, a secure cloud-based program, and report by filling in a form on the “Report It’ link on the website. If they choose to, they can also upload screenshots from digital devices. When they hit the “submit” button, the report is sent to the email of the school safety team for handling and resolution.

Personal Identifying Information Is Never Required

The PSSTWorld “Report It” system does not require a student to identify themselves by name, and does not require contact information to be provided. If a student wants to give their name, or if they request further contact or follow up, they may provide their information voluntarily. Sharing of personal information is never, however, required.

PSST treats all reports received as confidential. In the event a student volunteers providing their personal information, it will also be treated confidentially and will not be further disclosed or used other than to contact them, as required to investigate the report, or as required or permitted by law.

PSST Treatment of PII


  1. Protects reporters using the PSSTWorld “Report It” form from retaliation and maintains the confidentiality of the reporter, as appropriate.
  2. Keeps all reports will be kept confidential, as appropriate and disclosure of the substance of the report is only as necessary during the course of an investigation, in order to take remedial action, to conduct on-going monitoring and as required by law.
  3. Maintains the identity of any reporter, and any PII voluntarily disclosed, is maintained as confidential, as appropriate and disclosed only as required or permitted by law.
  4. Does not access pupil educational records.
  5. Does not use, disclose or compile the personal information of a minor for the purpose of marketing or advertising products or services.
  6. Does not use, disclose or compile the personal information of a minor any purpose not required or permitted by law.
  7. Treats all PII as confidential, as appropriate.