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#EndTheStigma Speak Up Mental Illness


Mental illness is a topic that is not talked about enough, yet it is an issue that affects each and every one of us. One in every 4 to 5 youth meet the criteria for a mental disorder. This is how common it is and how many people it affects, yet there still exists a stigma in our society. A stigma that depression is a weakness or just about sadness, when it is an illness. A stigma that having anxiety or an eating disorder is a choice or something that can easily be changed or switched off.


The good news is that mental disorders are very much treatable. Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected, allowing them to get back to their regular activities. Speak up and reach out! Your friends and family love and care for you and want to support you. Talk to a trusted adult, they will listen, I promise. You will not believe how much better you will feel once you talk about how you are feeling and recognize what you are dealing with so that you can get help and move on with your life. Life goes on….. and it gets better. Remember, you are not alone.


If you would like to connect with a healthy adult at your school or someone anonymously, please give us a heads up HERE


We need to start talking about it to help #endthestigma. Check out the ERASE Bullying Student Advisory share some of their own stories.


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