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How can we work together to end homophobia (hatred or fear of gay people) and discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity among students?


LGBTQ2S stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and 2 spirited students


Mental illness is a topic that is not talked about enough, yet it is an issue that affects each and every one of us. One in every 4 to 5 youth meet the criteria for a mental disorder. This is how common it is and how many people it affects, yet there still exists a stigma in our society. A stigma that depression is a weakness or just about sadness, when it is an illness. A stigma that having anxiety or an eating disorder is a choice or something that can easily be changed or switched off.

A new drug, Fentanyl may be hiding in the drugs you’re using.

You won’t see it, smell it or taste it, but it can kill you


Be DRUG SMART. We don’t promote the use of drugs. But if you’re going to use drugs, Don’t use alone. Start with a small amount. Visit to learn more about Fentanyl and the early warning signs of an overdose.


Everything that you post online becomes part of your public, permanent and searchable reputation. Even if you send a private message or photo to someone else, you can never be certain that they won’t duplicate it, alter it, or post it without your consent. Once an inappropriate photo is leaked, it is nearly impossible to undo the damage done.


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