Too Much Attention?

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Today, I found that TV was making a celebrity named Jessica Simpson so famous, because she was on TV for 6 hours. 6 HOURS!? Isn’t it so weird and unacceptable that only one person who is not important as much as George Bush was on TV for 6 hours in consecutive? Nevertheless, now it is neither weird nor unacceptable for audiences, some even would enjoy watching celebrities or people who are on TV again. For example, the daughter of the president of Hilton Hotel got so famous just because the media liked her and made her be on TV. I think the media, which are supposed to inform us with proper and selective information are not as normal as years before that I’ve never seen her. So, I agree that the media pay too much attention to the personal lives; it can ruin some people’s private lives and it can make less important the people who supposed to be more important than the people who are on TV.

On a newspaper, I read an article which was saying that Michael Jackson who was very famous and TV star let his children wear masks when they go out. Isn’t it ridiculous or sad story? One’s private life is ruined, but also one’s family’s private life is ruined, too. Why do you think that Michael Jackson let his children wear masks when they go out? Because of paparazzi, who would take pictures of his children and reveal their recent looks to public, and Michael Jackson who experienced media’s attack now tries to save his children from media. TV and Newspaper, especially, pay too much attention to celebrities and personal lives of some people. Why do they pay too much attention? It is not mercy that they make people famous and reveal their appearances to public; they just do for making money, and people who are on media are victims from them.

Not only people who are on TV, but also people who are not on TV but supposed to be on TV suffer problems of media, too. For example, a scientist named John Jackson found the substance for making a new technology. However, he could not be famous for people, because when he was to on TV for interview with Larry King; instead Jennifer Aniston was on TV for telling people that she would get married with Brad Pitt. Isn’t it too ironic that the scientist who was valuable to be on TV could not because of an actress? There is one more story; approximately one month ago, there was a happening that an anchor refused to report a celebrity’s life instead of a parliament member’s decision toward to Iraq war. She believed that the latter one would be more valuable to debate in News instead of telling a “famous” star’s being revealed from a jail. Of course it made some people stunned; almost all people who watched the News encouraged her for her bravery to do that.

What do you think? Should the media pay much attention to people on TV or newspaper, or people who did work for many people such as nuns or nurses? I rather think the latter one is right. There is one saying that ‘Do not believe the media, believe people who are against media. And then you would find the truth of them.’

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